Fast, efficient, solutions anywhere in North America.

Our experienced service coordinators are ready to help 24/7, 365.

  • Best-in-class work order triage & trouble-shooting
  • Efficient technician dispatch ensuring high first-time completion rates
  • Maintenance cost containment at a lower overall cost than you can perform yourself!


trades serviced


faster service

Whether you're planning ahead or disaster strikes, you can rest easy knowing that we'll handle it.

Meet some of our customer service support team:

DWM Employee

Shauna Raymond

Customer Service Coordinator

"I love running and tons of ice coffees! Also, I enjoy solving problems and making people smile!"

My job is exciting, challenging, and fun! Working with such great people and creating a career you love is the most rewarding part.

Each day, I  help solve problems for our clients and give them trust in our brand, keeping them loyal to DWM!

DWM Employee

Caitlin McCarthy

HR Specialist

"I once had to get a splinter surgically removed."

My job is to: Match talent with opportunity. Create relationships.

Each day, I Brainstorm new ideas to make the company more efficient or on the next awesome prank to play on one of my coworkers.

DWM Employee

James Powell

Customer Service Team Lead

"I don't like to lose!"

My job is to problem solve facility maintenance issues and support my team with knowledge of facility maintenance.

Each day, I prioritize my day to solve as many issues as possible. While talking to the most amazing technicians


Cost-effective solutions from our dedicated, experienced staff & techs.




Cost-effective FF&E services with minimal downtime.

Our experienced project managers are ready to plan, price, & complete your projects on-time & on-budget.

  • Turnkey project management
  • Comprehensive technician oversite & follow-up
  • Lower overall cost than you can perform yourself!
  • Leverage synergies of on-site project managers, self-performance, & quality local technician utilization to create a seamless project from initial bidding to completion


installs in

90 days


full restaurant rebuilds in

14  weeks

From remodels & retrofits to architectural services, & brand transformation, we’ll handle it.

Meet some of our projects support team:

DWM Employee

Matt Braymiller

Project Manager

"My voice has been DWM's phone system greeting for over 10 years."

My job is to: Keep RFMs happy.

Each day, I am entertained by John Eichler, Allison Bishop, and Erica Carpinello… Erica will be sad that she did not get top billing!

DWM Employee

Jennifer Boivin

Project Manager

"I worked at Walt Disney World in college and I've been underneath the Magic Kingdom."

My job is to manage projects.

Each day, I plan, organize, & manage resources to execute custom projects for our clients.



DWM is proud to be a 2016 & 2017
Times Union Top Workplace

DWM is proud to be a 2016 & 2017 Times Union Top Workplace


  Water Filtration Solutions


Reduce lifecycle costs & improve product quality.

We're a proud 3M Level 4 Distributor dedicated to increasing asset life, preventing equipment failures, & increasing uptime.

  • Custom filtration installation service
  • Water testing services
  • Scheduled auto replenishment programs
  • On-staff water filtration technicians to trouble-shoot store-level issues


equipment maintenance
cost reduction

From installation to maintenance, we have the products you need and the certified technicians on hand to help.

Meet some of our water filtration support team:

DWM Employee

Nathan Westfall

Software Engineer/IT Support

"I am an ice fisher, bass player, car mechanic, and total IT geek."

My job is to make everyone's job easier.

Each day, I try to beat Allison to the office.



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