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Since 1997, DWM Facilities Maintenance has been providing national portfolio clients with break-fix, emergency, and remodel/rollout services. DWM is centered around a unique culture of problem-solving, partnership, and customization. Over the past 20 years, our team has been able to learn the best practices for our business that have resulted in unheard of client tenure – an average of 8 years. Not to mention, to this day, our first client relationship continues to flourish.

Carpet Cleaning

Retail Commercial Carpet Maintenance Programs

No matter if your retail locations experience severe weather extremes or simply face annual budgetary challenges, keeping retail carpeted areas clean is an ongoing challenge. What best practice can retailers implement to help keep these areas clean and safe providing the warmth, comfort, beauty and style for which it was originally selected as the flooring choice

Vendor Selection

Vendor Selection Strategies for Sustainable Success

A systematic approach to vendor selection is crucial to attaining sustainable success in business. This whitepaper delves into the vendor selection process and provides readers with a basic framework for creating a successful vendor selection strategy to facilitate strong vendor relations that result enduring business success.

Service Model

Determining the Right Facilities Maintenance Model for Your Organization

Although facilities maintenance occurs behind the scenes, it is one of the differentiating characteristics for portfolio companies. A safe environment improves the customer perception and experience, translating to an improved bottom line. There are several different models utilized by facilities maintenance professionals to meet their needs.

Cost Control

Cost Control Containment Strategies For Facilities Maintenance Professionals

Facilities maintenance is an extremely challenging and important aspect of business, yet it is often looked at as a cost-item by portfolio companies. As a result, many facilities maintenance professionals are pressured to minimizes costs while creating a safe and enjoyable environment.

Preventative Maintenance

Successful PM Programs: The best way to deal with a breakdown is to prevent it.

Preventive maintenance programs draw a great deal of skepticism concerning their ability to produce payback for their costs. This whitepaper will discuss the myths and misconceptions surrounding the implementation of a preventive maintenance program. After examining the skepticism, the whitepaper will discuss how to launch a successful preventive maintenance program that will reduce emergency service costs and downtime, improve energy efficiency, and increase equipment lifespan.


 Benchmarking Adviser


Hourly Rates & Completion Time

40% Faster Completion Times

are realized by technicians who charged higher than average hourly rates than those charging average or below-average hourly rates. This is as a result of DWM's top 15% of technicians being inaccessible with hourly rate caps.

Source: DWM National Benchmark Database

Eliminating Rate Caps

12% Cost Savings

by eliminating rate caps for national retail clients. This savings is a result of tight technician restrictions in the form of Not To Exceeds (NTEs), vast industry knowledge, and an ability to de-escalate emergency calls.

Source: DWM National Benchmark Database

Preventive Maintenance: The Pay Off

1,083 Hour Reduction in Downtime

in the 12 months since a national healthcare client began an HVAC PM program. This reduction in downtime is a result of a 72% reduction in emergency work requests for HVAC units

Source: DWM National Benchmark Database


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Retail Client
Retail Client

Preventive Maintenance: The Pay Off

DWM implemented a PM program for a retail client, reducing downtime by 1,083 hours.

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Retail Client
Retail Client

Small Change, Big Savings

DWM’s progressive approach to total cost control saves one retailer 8% on maintenance costs.

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Restaurant Client
Restaurant Client

Fast, Efficient Fire Restoration

DWM received a phone call on Sunday afternoon August 16, 2015. The restaurant was able to open on Thursday, just four days after being condemned.

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DWM is proud to be a 2016 & 2017
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DWM is proud to be a 2016 & 2017 Times Union Top Workplace

Fast, efficient service across all 50 states, plus Puerto Rico & Canada.

Fast, efficient service across all 50 states, plus Puerto Rico & Canada.



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