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Emphasizing Synergy: The sum of the whole is greater than all the parts

DWM Encourages Teamwork and Collaboration with "COO as a CSC" Days

March 01, 2017

Each quarter, DWM's COO Brian Whitt will be spending his time with a different team on our service floor, acting as a Service Coordinator for a day. The CSC for a Day program is part of DWM's initiative to showcase the company's team-oriented culture.

In an announcement to the DWM team, the reasoning for this endeavor was given with the example of Legos:

"Legos are symbolic of many of DWM's key values; they symbolize problem-solving, collaboration, and partnership.

If you think about it, it all makes sense:

  • If someone handed you one Lego, there’s not much you could do with it.
  • Now, if someone handed you 100 2x2 yellow bricks, you could produce a better outcome.
  • Then, someone could give you 100 different bricks, and you could produce something even better than before.
  • But then…what if you and all your team members were each handed 100 different bricks and you could share Legos and work together to create something? How much better would this outcome be than any of the other options?

If we had 100 of the same people, with the same experiences, in the same positions, we wouldn’t be as successful as we are today. Instead, we bring people in from all different backgrounds, experiences, and industries to become the best-possible company in the industry. We have fun, think creatively, & take ideas from all levels to create the best solutions for our clients. That being said, no matter what our role is here at DWM, we all have something to contribute and something to learn from each other."

DWM is encouraged to see the excitement surrounding this initiative. The DWM team looks forward to continuing to instill a culture of partnership and collaboration through various initiatives throughout the year.


Allison Bishop
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DWM, with its headquarters and national call center in Latham, NY; was founded by CEO, David Meeks in 1997. The DWM facilities maintenance menu of services was born from Mr. Meeks’ 18-year facilities career with Amerada Hess (now Hess Corporation).

DWM delivers a comprehensive platform of general maintenance, handyman, carpet cleaning, project management, remodeling/rollouts, water filtration services, and emergency services. Proven service options include programmed maintenance, on-demand break-fix service, and project management. DWM features 24/7 emergency service response, efficient web-based online work order tracking, consolidated invoicing and digital backup.

A market leader, DWM services the retail, restaurant, grocery, convenience store, commercial, and financial markets; under a mantra of “We’ll handle it”. More information about DWM can be found at www.dwminc.com.

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